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"Saving The Day" PG

Screen Name: Jadekirk007
Title: Saving The Day
Rating: PG
Type: Short Fic
Genre: Angst
Main Character: Harry Potter
Brief Summary: Harry's thoughts on the death in the fifth book.
Spoilers: SS/PS CoS PoA GoF OoTP
Note: ‘Saving The Day.' belongs to whomever. This was a plot bunny that bit me in the bum and wouldn’t go away. I was listening to The Ghostbusters soundtrack as I was writing this. A one Shot fic. I know it’s a bit jumbled but that’s the way Harry’s mind is working at the moment.

  Ooh, see the danger signs
Sneaking up from behind
Sort of like it's telling you what to say
Looks like you've lost control
Something growing on your soul
See it coming from a mile away

Harry groaned as his scar hurt again. The last time it hurt was during a History of Magic exam and it had led to his Godfather’s death. He trembled as he felt something at the back of his mind, kind of like a snake had taken residence in his mind. He recalled how it felt when Voldemort had possessed him. To Harry it was like someone had driven a nine inch nail through his skull and he wanted nothing more to die.

Savin' the day
Savin' the day
When you're getting to the point
where it's driving you insane

At least the Ministry had admitted that Voldemort was back. To Harry that knowledge would never replace the lost of his Godfather. He sunk into a deep depression as he remembered that he‘d never see his godfather again.

Savin' the day
Savin' the day

You seem a little strange
Something about you not the same
Nowhere to hide from the feeling
running through my veins

The Daily Prophet had ridiculed him all year, calling him delusional and a liar. The DADA teacher didn’t help matters by not believing him and imposing crummy rules. “Let’s not get into her detentions.” Harry said out loud to the empty dorm...

It was the frightening truth
That way just ain't no youth
Baby, you got the will, you got the way

She cut his hand open with a savage black quill and had engraved ‘I must not tell lies’ an the back of his right hand. “And I was telling the truth... Stupid old toad.” Harry said out loud. “I showed her. I want to grovel at my feet and kiss my shoes and then keep on smiling as I kicked in her toady face.” Harry allowed him a small smile at that image he produced.

Savin' the day
Savin' the day
Speak of the past, they slip in the back way

Now he had no one left, no wait that wasn’t true. He had his friends, Hermione and Ron. Hermione, who had warned him it might be a trick but he didn’t listen. Oh how he wishes he could turn back the hands of time. Him and his damn hero complex.

Savin' the day
Savin' the day
When it's getting to the point
where it's driving you insane

The whole school had thought him insane except for some believers. Believers made him sound like he was some kind of God. He wasn’t, he was just a ordinary schoolboy, who makes mistakes. Unfortunately this mistake cost his godfather’s life.

Savin' the day
Savin' the day
When you're getting
to the point where it's driving you insane

Harry will never forget the way Lupin’s voice cracked as he informed Harry that Sirius was gone forever. He realised that he was a danger to everyone. He must get away before he inadvertently caused the death of more innocent people.

When it starts to pour
and the whole thing's out of control

First Cedric, now Sirius, who was Harry going to get killed next? Hermione? Ron? He didn’t think he could live with himself if that happened. They were already in the hospital because of him He grabbed a bag and packed it hurriedly before he went down to lunch. The plan being he’d run away after everyone was asleep so they won’t notice him missing until it was too late.

And you can't run away
if you don't know where to go

The door of the dorm opened and Dean popped his head in, “Harry are you coming down to lunch?”

“Yeah, I’ll be down in a minute.” Harry replied, hoping Dean didn’t notice the bag on Harry’s bed. He didn’t or if he did, he didn‘t say anything.

“Alright I’ll see you in a bit then Harry.” Dean promised as he shut the door behind him. Harry threw his packed bag under the bed.

Don't know, don't know
You can't leave it till tomorrow

He even considered hexing Malfoy. Snape had come and spoiled his fun for him. McGonagall was back, while not fully recovered, she was back and awarded some points to Gryffindor and Ravenclaw. She was injured when she tried to stop Umbridge and her inquisitional squad from trying to arrest Hagrid in the middle of the night. They had tried to sneak up on him. Harry knew all this because he was in an exam at the time and he could see what was going on.

You can't leave it till tomorrow
Don't know, don't know
In the dance with Stay-Puft you gotta have
it 'fore you're surrendering

Harry went back to his dorm and discovered the mirror that Sirius had given him. He tried to use it to get in contact with him but to no avail.

Savin' the day
Savin' the day
Speak of the past,
they slip in the back way

Why had he forgotten about the mirror? It could’ve saved him a lot of trouble. Talking to that traitorous house elf Kreacher could’ve been avoided.

Savin' the day
Savin' the day
Ooh, when it's getting to the point
where it's driving you insane

Then that toad wouldn’t have caught him at her fireplace and threatened to cast the cruciatus curse on him. She had sent dementors after him that summer and had almost got him expelled.

Savin' the day
You can't wait, you can't wait until tomorrow
Savin' the day
You can't wait, you can't wait until tomorrow

Dementors, the mere memory left him shuddering. Ever time they came near him he could hear his dead parents’ last moments. Idly he wondered if now when they came near him, he’d see his Godfather’s last moments. The look on his face as he fell back through the veil will stick with Harry forever. The veil from behind which he could hear voices.

Savin' the day
You can't wait
Savin' the day
You can't wait, you can't wait until tomorrow

Harry was his way to the Gryffindor Tower and he saw Luna, who was posting a notice on the board asking for her lost items to be returned to him.

The chat with Luna had cheered him up considerably especially as she told him how she came to be able to see thestrals and she could hear the voices too. ‘So I’m not losing my mind after all.' He thought cheerfully. While he’ll never go back to being the cheerful boy of two summers ago it was a start. Now it was a time to heal and get ready for the final showdown with Voldemort.

Where he was going to kill or be killed.

“I’m going to either die or become a murderer. I only hope I have it in me.”

The End

Tags: angst, harry potter, pg, short fic
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