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"Voldermort's Defeat" PG

Screen Name : Laura18
Title : Voldemort's Defeat
Rating : PG
Type : Short Fic(Response to FFC#8)
Genre : Adventure
Couple(s) : none
Featured or Main Character(s) : Voldemort, Merideth Potter
Brief Summary : The Dark Lord's defeat.

All but one dropped dead before me. I felt my heart hammering against my chest and my insides cold as ice. My mind however, was as calm and still. As the Vortex Shield was absorbing his attacks, I waited for the right moment to finish him. “It’s all over Voldemort.” I said in a distorted voice.

“It’s impossible,” he replied frustrated and hissing mad, “nothing can counter Avada Kedavra.” He dropped to his knees as if the repeated use of that curse was taking a physical toll on his body. Then he started to pound his fists into the ground like a spoiled child having a tantrum.

Using the lull to my advantage, I deactivated the shield and opened the talisman I had been wearing around my neck. By the time he realized what happened, it was too late. As the power of the Vortex Charm pulled him in I said “hasta la vista baby.” After that, I closed and pulverized it. His fate was completely sealed.

Tags: adventure, original characters, pg, short fic, voldermort
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