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"First Crush" PG

Title : First Crush
Rating : PG
Type : Short Fic
Genre : Comedy
Character(s) : Merideth Potter, Remus Lupin, James Potter
Brief Summary : Lupin has a crush on his tutor.
Screen Name : Laura18

I walked down the hallway until I reached the Hospital Wing. When I asked about Remus Lupin, the nurse smiled at me and said “he’s on the second bed waiting and ready.” It was hard not to miss the pile of books next to the thin boy sitting up and waving at me. When I reached him, I said “hi I’m Merideth Potter. Prof. McGonagall said you need a little catching up since you were out sick for the past few days.”

He seemed a bit embarrassed at this. After I took a chair and sat down by his bed, he blurted out, “you’re James’ sister, aren’t you?”

I gave him a smile and nodded. “What subject do you want to start with?”

“History, I have a test coming up.”

“Okay then, how about you open the book to the chapters it will cover. I’ll read them while you take notes.”

He smiled and we began. Neither one noticed the time pass until I noticed James standing at the foot of the bed. “Glad to see you’re feeling better Remus.” He pulled up another chair and sat down on it backwards. One arm was draped over the back and he leaned his head against the other. Then as an afterthought, he turned his head and asked, “mind if I listen in for awhile?”

“Last minute studying?” I asked the rouge.

“Nah, you just explain it better than Binns does although,” and he put on a mock serious expression, “it would certainly improve my chances of becoming a Prefect.”

We all laughed at that. Then Remus passed my brother writing materials and I continued reading. After a break, I covered Charms and DADA. At the nurse’s request, James left for dinner and I put the books back into a neat stack. “Thanks for your help, James never mentioned that you were pretty.” He flushed then hastily added, “uh pretty nice that is.”

Flattered I replied, “Well I can be pretty bossy too. Good luck on that History exam.” I walked out as the nurse brought in a dinner tray.

Tags: comedy, james potter, orginal characters, pg, remus lupin, short fic
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