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"Seduced By Darkness" Chapter 3 NC-17

Screename : MsMatty35
Title : Seduced By Darkness
Rated : NC-17 *** 
Characters : Tom Riddle, Claudia Olmo, Bellatrix Lestrange, Lucius Malfoy, Severus Snape, Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter, Narcissa Malfoy, & Others
Theme : Dark Fic, Violence, Angst, Evil, Romance
Summary : Voldermort Gets his 25 yr old Body back, but it doesn’t turn out as he planned for Tom Riddle has his own plans. However, Tom doesn’t anticipate the complications that arise when he takes a beautiful captive into his lair.

***FanFictions Rated R, M, & NC17 May Include :
1. Graphic Sex Ccenes(Hetero or Same Sex)
2. Mature-Adult Themes(Whether that be comedic or dramatic, ect)
3. Violence(towards others or one's self)
*If You are Offended by any of this or Under 17 DO NOT Read

Chapter 3 - Taken

Bellatrix had stood in a corner and watched, for most of the night, the torture of her fellow Death Eaters. He had made a sort of game of it, showing them the many different curses they could have and should have used while in Hogsmead.  Some were so pathetic that they had thrown themselves at his feet weeping like women. That was one thing that she had never done in front of him, cry, and she never would for she believed that it was a sign of weakness. She watched him, his angelic face set in hard lines.  His dark eyes flashing maliciously as he gave out punishments. The curses had been so intense for some that they had bled all over the floor. The first time it had happened he had regarded the Death Eater thoughtfully and said, “Isn’t it infinitely interesting how fragile the human body is? How weak? Specially when it‘s owner is an incompetent and useless fool? CRUCIO” He had said again in a strong voice, but he hadn’t yelled. That little fact stayed with her because before he seemed to enjoy hissing and yelling when he did this, but tonight he had been eerily quiet, making the whole scene more chilling.

He had told the room that he wanted them to aid Lucius in bringing Claudia Olmo to him and that she was to be treated the same as Harry Potter. When he had finished with them he had called her over to him and looked at her face. Bella smiled inwardly at this as she thought that he wanted the little Gryffindor bitch dead, same as Potter, for what she had done to her face. She froze as she felt a spell sweep over her, then she cried out as pain burst inside her. For a moment she thought it was the Cruciatus curse but then she felt hot pain burn her face, it only lasted a few moments and then it was gone. She fell to her hands and knees onto the floor panting from the momentary pain. Her hand went up to her face and she touched it with tentative fingers.  He had healed her as her burnt skin felt smooth beneath her hand. When she looked up at him he was eying her with detached interest, “There are less painful ways but take far too long and you did fail me today Bella” She bent low and kissed his boots, “You honor me with your mercy my Lord.”

“Get up and get yourself clean, I will come to you in a few minutes.” A thrill raced through her body as she scrambled to her feet and went to her room. She waited for him naked, for that’s how he liked her and she didn’t want to waste any time. When she heard the door open she turned to face him. His beauty almost made her heart stop. He was hers and yet she’d never felt more removed from him. She hoped that this distance between them would only lessen with time as he got used to his younger body again. As he closed the door behind him she took in his body, he only had dark green silk pants on. His hard erection was evident through the fabric.

Bella arched her back and spread her legs to give him a full view of herself. He eyed her as if he was staring at a particularly interesting book but that was all. She didn’t care, he was hard and he needed her. “Do as you will with me my Lord, I am only here only for your pleasure.”

Tom thought that laughing in her face would be most unkind. While he didn’t particularly care about hurting her feelings he didn’t want to give away his own feelings toward her away so easily. It was laughable that she thought anything that she could do or anyway that she could look would bring him any kind of pleasure. He had needs and desires and she satisfied the most basic of them but that was all. He bent low to her and pinned one her legs down to the bed with his knee. “My pleasure?” He asked as he inserted something inside her. She gasped and looked down at his hand, he had a thick long metallic stick thing inside her, her eyes widened, “I believe that this is called a dildo my dear, a muggle thing.” He said, answering her unspoken question, the way he said it was like he was talking about the weather. She didn’t bloody care that it was a muggle thing as it was driving her crazy. “So you see Bella I believe that this is for your pleasure.” He sunk it deeper inside her and pressed down harder with his knee, painfully so.

He watched her as she panted and turned. The thing was sleek with her wetness as he pulled it out of her and inserted it in her ass. Had he not had her pinned to the bed she would’ve jumped off it. “Or perhaps we are back to my pleasure again.” He said as she cried out in pain. “Do you want me to stop?” he asked as he pushed it deeper, she was clawing at her sheets, “Nooo... don’t stop .. please ...” As he watched her he fisted his hand in her hair and pulled hard. She gave another scream. He took the dildo out of her and threw it aside as he sunk his cock into her tight ass. He closed his eyes and concentrated on pumping in and out of her, all the while his fist tightening more painfully around her hair. She bit down hard on her lips to keep from crying out. He was so big that she felt that he was splitting her in two, but at the same time she didn’t want him to stop.

Tom wasn’t even thinking about her, he saw that girl’s face, Claudia. He was imagining what it would be like to be inside of her. Not like this he thought, there was nothing about that girl that reminded him of Bella. His release came swift and hard. He stayed still for a few moments and then got out of her. Her thigh was bruised and her lip was bleeding, a small smile curved his lips. “I will leave the toy with you my dear, you know, for your pleasure. I am sure that you will find it useful.” Then he turned and left without giving her another thought.


Lucius had planned the kidnapping for days. He was fully aware that the security at Hogsmead would now be doubled, and no longer could he just waltz into Hogwarts as he was now a wanted Death Eater. His only option then was to take her from the castle when she happened to be outside it‘s walls. It had been a week since the Dark Lord had sent him on his task, along with other Death Eaters. He had found out her routine from some Slytherin students. He couldn’t contact Draco because he was too well watched by Dumbledore but there were others inside the school that proved helpful. She seemed to like to go off by herself to a secluded part of the
Lake. She always did so in the late afternoon but went back inside before it got dark. Today would have to be the day. He couldn’t risk continuing to come to the school. He had prepared a portkey to get them out of there, and a spell to knock her unconscious.

He was about ready to put the spell on her when he saw her getting up, preparing to go back inside. However that’s also when he saw Black, Lupin and Snape all come out of the castle at the same time, arguing over something. Lupin seemed to be in the middle of the other two. “Bugger and blast them to hell!” he swore under his breath. Before he could do anything else two arrows zoomed through the air past him and sunk into her flesh. One above her arm, and the other one pierced the side of her stomach. He turned just in time to see two fellow Death Eaters, Mcfay and Morgan, disappearing with the aid of a portkey. He knew that she had been stunned and shocked at having been attacked because she stood frozen in place for a few seconds. Then an ear-splitting scream tore from her throat as she fell forward. Lupin, Black and Snape all started running at the same time, with his Death Eater’s mask on, Lucius rushed forward as he was only a few feet away from her. He took a hold of her hand and activated the portkey, he faintly heard the shouts of outrage that where thrown at him as the Hogwarts grounds dissolved beneath him.

They landed with a thud in a room in the town where Dragor’s Castle resided. It was very late at night in that part of the country and no one was up. He took the arrow that was in her arm out and cursed loudly. “Those bloody fools” He knew that tip, it was poisonous and it was spreading through her system quickly. She was getting as cold as ice. Lucius thought quickly and did a counter spell that he hoped would slow the poison down enough to get her to the Dark Lord, as he would be able to heal her. Gingerly he picked her up in his arms, and was surprised that she felt so light. Had he had time he would’ve lingered and studied her features, she was a striking creature, but he didn’t have time to dwell on anything.

He apparated near the edge of the forest and went in, taking the quickest paths toward the castle. Once he reached the base of the road he apparated at the front gates and was quickly let in. He told one of the sentries to advice the Dark Lord of his arrival and that it was urgent. He took her down to one of the servant rooms as it was closest to the entrance.

Less than five minutes later Tom had entered the room. When he spotted the unconscious girl in Lucius’s arms he seemed to be confused as to why she looked the way she did. Lucius knew the moment he had spotted the arrow and the blood seeping from her shoulder. His eyes had narrowed and he looked positively furious, Lucius only hoped that he would give him enough time to explain that it wasn’t his fault.

In two quick strides he was in front of Lucius, taking her from him. “Walk with me Lucius and tell me what happened” His voice was controlled but his rage was evident. Lucius told him all that had happened, and none too subtly, expressed his disgust and displeasure at the two incompetent Death Eaters that had interfered. “Had they not been there, Dumbledore might not even know that she had been taken for hours yet. She certainly wouldn’t be in this state.” He finished. They were in the West Wing of the castle, where his Lord’s quarters lay. They both apparated toward his personal chambers. “They will be dealt with.” he quietly said but the intent behind his words left no room for doubt. He gently set her down on a bed in a room that Lucius had never seen. He knew that his Lord’s own room lay one floor up. “What is this place my Lord?” All sorts of potions and books littered the walls of the room. “I keep everything I need to make potions in here. I know of the poison they used and thanks to your spell I think you’ve gotten her here in time for me to counteract it.” He quickly went to work on a potion but he first gave her something to drink. “That will continue to slow the poison down until I can make the antidote” He explained, when he saw the questioning look that Lucius had given him, the blonde man nodded in understanding. The potion took a couple of hours to make. In the mean time he had sent for a house elf to come and clean the girl’s wounds and change her clothes.

He had put up a screen so as to block Lucius’s view of her. After he was done he had made a salve and a potion. Using a spell he made her drink the potion and then rubbed the salve over her injuries and bandaged her up. Then he reached down and took her into his arms and walked out of the room. He went up one flight of stairs and entered a room. It was a very expensive and specious room, not the master bedroom but Lucius could see the door that led to the master bedroom inside the room. He watched as his Lord put her on the bed and covered her up. “It should take about a week for the poison to completely leave her system. Then about two weeks for her to fully recover.”

Tom looked around and found the house elf. “Stay with her, if she wakes, if there is any change in her condition, come and get me immediately.” The little elf nodded frightfully. Tom motioned for Lucius to follow him, “Now, I will deal with my loyal Death Eaters.” A murderous look had come over his eyes, Lucius had never seen anyone look so angelic and vicious at the same time, it was breathtaking, “Come with me”

Chapter 2 << | >> Chapter 4 ** Still to come

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