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"Writing only leads to more writing"

"In literature as in love, we are astonished at what is chosen by others"

Magical Menagerie's Fanfic Archive
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This LJ Community has been made to archive Completed Fanfics written & posted at our EzBoard HP Message Board, Magical Menagerie. Incomplete Fanfics(Works in Progress) will continue to be posted over at MM in Whizzhard Books.

Why did we open this Community?

We used to have Archive Forums at MM but due to a recent hacker attack to EzBoard we found that those forums were not safe for archiving fanfics. If you are a member of MM with a completed fanfic and you would like to archive it here please read the "Community Guidelines" section below. If you are not a member of MM or are a member and would like to just review one of the archived fanfics please read our "Reviewer Ettiquette" section below.

Happy Reading!

Part I.

  • All Ratings Welcomed - G, PG, PG13, R, M, NC17

  • ALL Fics MUST Be Completed. If Your Fic is not finished then wait until it is to submit it to us.

  • Your Submitted Fanfic MUST be Edited. Example, use spellcheck

  • You Must Email Us Your Fics.

Our Emails - We suggest that you just send it to all of us, whomever get's it first will archive it.

Matty : msmattybloom@aol.com
Keely : TBA
Riyo : kuz_chrisje@hotmail.com
Jade : jadekirk0072002@yahoo.co.uk
Kit : TBA
Marian : TBA

* We Recommend that you attach your Fanfic to your email. If it's a short fic then you can just send it in the body of your email.

*** Your Email *MUST* Have the following AT THE BEGINNING.

Your Screen Name(At the MM) :
Title :
Rating :
G, PG, PG13, R, M, or NC17
Type : Full-Length, Short Fic, Poem, or Round Robin
Genre : Comedy, Angst, Romance, Adventure(ect)
Couple(s) Featured or Main Character(s) :
Brief Summary :
What your story is about

Part II.

Your Fic has Many Chapters?

Please Tell us if your Fic is divided in Chapters and/or parts when you email it to us(If it's a short story of only one page then don't worry about it). Make sure to label the chapters(Chapter 1, Chapter 2, part 1, part 2, Ect) so that we may be able to properly Label it for you when your fic is archived. Also if your fic comes with a Prologue send it to us in the same email or one right after it.

Part III.

Round Robins

*** Please give us all the Author's Screen Names so that everyone can get proper credit for the fic. If you want each chapter to be labeled with the author who wrote it, so that people know who wrote what, send it to us labeled in the email that way.

Part IV.

If you fail to follow our guidelines we will not archive your fic. It takes time and energy to archive a fanfic. Particularly if one has many chapters. So please, when you send us the email, make sure that you sent all that we need from you. Thank you.

Final Note : Once Your Fanfic is archived, the one in Whizzhard's will be deleted within TWO WEEKS ... Please, if you want to save your feedbacks, Do so once you send us your fics or before. We know some of you like to save these.

Any Questions? Ask them HERE

"If you must speak ill of another, do not speak it . . . write it in the sand near the water's edge."
- Napolean Hill

We will NOT tolerate ANY Flames. Constructive criticisms are fine, but insulting someone just because you do not agree with the direction that they have chosen to take their story in is just plain rude and completely unnecessary.

Moving on from any nasty stuff ... If you read a fic and love/like it, please review it, not only do you encourage the writer but you earn yourself & your house some points. However, you DO NOT have to be a member of Magical Menagerie to review any of the fanfics that are archived here, so if you are not an MM Member just ignore the Points thing.


Remember that you can earn points for providing feedback. When you review just, somewhere in the body of your post, include your MM Screename then report the points in your House Points Thread.

5 Points - Short & Simple Reviews("Great Job" "I loved it")
10 Points - A Few Sentences Review(At least 3 to 5 sentences)
15 Points - Indepth Review(Over 12 sentences)

If you review a fic that has many chapters then points are Per Chapter that you review.

This will be updated as Fanfics are Archived

Please note that none of the Stories Archived here have any affiliation to J.K Rowlings, Her publishers or Warner Brothers. These stories are purely for fun and no money is being made of them. Thank You.