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"The Wait" PG13

Screen Name: Joey1409
Title : "The wait"
Rating : PG13
Type : Short Fic
Genre : Romance sorta
Couple(s) Featured or Main Character(s) : Harry Potter & Hermione Granger
Brief Summary : It takes place in the movie (cause I havent read the books, so dont compare the stuff, please!) when Harry and Hermione wait for their past selves to come back out from the whomping willow. Hermione is bashful and Harry is curious on her feelings.

Don't know why I'm still afraid
If you weren't real I would make you up now
I wish that I could follow through
I know that your love is true and deep as the sea

“We wait.” Hermione sat down on the ground, careful to find a patch that wasn’t moist.

Harry followed her actions suit and sat down with his legs boyishly spread haphazardly on the forest ground. He noted that the air was getting chilly, and the colour of the sky wasn’t really warming either. But he had to admit, the view they had to the Whomping Willow was actually quite nice. He glanced slightly behind himself and saw Hermione fiddle with some leaves, laying them around in a pattern. He got curious and asked; “Hermione?”

She lifted her eyes the instant Harry spoke and her eyes looked at him, though hidden behind the bushy hair. “Yes, Harry?” The words came out almost before Harry could finish speaking her name,

Harry dropped his eyes to the leaves and gave a nod. “What’s that for?” he asked in his calmest voice, the mood of the night clearly affecting him.

Hermione smiled and blushed a little, sort of happy and sort of flushed that he cared what little trivial things she was up to. “Oh this...” she said in a tone that suggested that was no big deal. “It’s just, well, just...I...oh you’ll only laugh, I’m not telling you.”

Harry shook his head. “No, no!” he soothed. “I won’t laugh. You have my promise, ‘Mione.” He gave her a look that assured her that he was interested in her answer.

She sighed in a way that made Harry think that she thought of her own actions as silly and stupid, but little did she know that he thought most of the things she did was brilliant. Hermione made a gesture to start speaking, but she stopped. “Why do you want to know anyway?”

Harry scooted closer, it was getting rather straining to sit as he was. He smiled carefully. “Because I care, of course.”

“Alright...” she looked again at the leaves, then looked up at Harry again, blushing slightly. “Oh...well...you see, I was just trying to...oh it’s so silly!”

Harry lifted an eyebrow, “Hermione...”

“Oh alright...I was rehearsing for Divination.” Her voice filled with unnecessary shame.

Harry chortled a bit, but concealed it well. Better than he thought he could. “But Hermione, I thought you didn’t like...”

Hermione glared at him, her eyes threatening to commit murder. “I don’t!”

“But why...” started Harry, thoroughly confused.

She sighed at herself. “I don’t know why I bother. I don’t like Professor Trelawney, I think the subject is utter nonsense, yet I put every effort I can to make good marks in it. I want to succeed in it, even if I hate it. Though I despise it more than I can say, I still strive to be the best.”

The face of the Boy Who Lived became soft, its intention to make Hermione feel assured that it was alright. “It’s who you are, Hermione. It’s you. I admire that with you.”

“You do?” Hermione’s voice was surprised and shaky.

He nodded. “Yes. Very much so. I think you’re wonderful...in school. In school.” He blushed and looked at the leaves.

“In school?” asked Hermione, feeling almost shattered that he had added that to his sentence. Her face tingled when she realized that she was so affected by it as she was.

Harry hesitated to reply and started fiddling with the leaves to pass time. He seemed to say something under his breath, but Hermione couldn’t make it out. Though she wished she could. Because maybe lady luck was smiling and trying to get Harry to speak up. Urging him to say something that Hermione had wanted to hear since she first laid eyes on him. Good gracious! What was she thinking! She slapped her face mentally for being so promiscuous, even if it was just in her head.
A while passed, and they sat both in silence, Hermione had tried to re-assume her whole moment with the leaves, but hadn’t bothered to put any extra effort into it. Her elbow rested on her knee and her chin rested in her palm as she stared toward the Whomping Willow.

Harry sat with his back against Hermione, too scared to turn around and let her see his blushing face and too scared to fess up to his little blooper earlier. But he was a little concerned about how curious Hermione had looked. Could she...Harry shut his eyes tight closed. No, no! That was a silly thought indeed. Harry felt like punching himself. It would probably be far less painful compared to being rejected by Hermione.

As if on cue, Hermione spoke. “Harry?” Her voice rang out clear and managed to catch Harry by surprise.

He turned his head to face her, regretting it just as he did. “Yes, Hermione?”

Her face was pink and slightly more red at the tips of her cheekbones, her hair was abnormally calm and peaceful as it was tucked behind her ears. “Can I ask you something?”

Harry nodded as an only reply.

“It’s rather personal,” she continued to ask, as if warning him.

Harry almost squeaked, but continued to nod. “That’s alright.” His insides were in an uproar, shaky and jumbly in anticipation. He felt close to numb and paralyzed, even though his heart was anything but still.

She cleared her throat and moved uncomfortably in her seat. She picked up a leaf and twiddled it between her fingers. “Harry, have you...ever...” she stopped and looked up. It was now or never. “Kissed a girl?” There. It was said. It was out her lips and out of her hands, which was terrifying.

Harry blinked as his jaw dropped. He had to re-focus on Hermione but only ended up blinking again, this time maybe more shocked. “Pardon?”

Hermione looked down, the leaf was almost in bits and pieces, her palms warm and prickly and her forehead felt like bursting. “You know, like on the lips.” Her voice shook, trying to sound casual. She dipped her head toward the ground and her messy hair fell from it’s place and covered her face almost completely.

“Hermione...” Harry crawled over to sit directly infront of her and touched her hand. His other hand lifted Hermione’s face to level with his. Harry nodded and his smile shone bright and kind toward her. “Hermione, don’t be embarrassed.”

Hermione’s voice caught in her throat. She’d never quite been in a predicament like this, with her face so close to Harry’s...or anyone else’s to be very honest. She couldn’t recall his hand ever touching her face in this matter...well one time, but that was a daydream, so it didn’t really count, thought Hermione to herself.

“Harry I...” she started to excuse herself, but before she could finish, her vision became filled with Harry Potter as he was leaning close and putting his lips onto her’s. Quite trembling, just as her own were, she noted. But it was far from unpleasant. The moon shone softly, the stars burning with a silver fire. The leaf dropped from her hand and landed on the ground with no sound.

Harry pulled apart and looked at Hermione, thousands of questions in his eyes beamed at her. “Now I have.” He smiled that comforting smile again. The smile that made everything better.

Hermione blushed, but it was a different kind of blush. Her lips tugged upwards and she smiled, actually on the verge of giggling. “What was it like?” she asked with a girly curiosity.

“Delicate. Weightless. Time-stopping. Everything I had hoped for, but unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.” He was so bright in his face, and his eyes were so alive. “How about you?”

Hermione looked coy and shy, but smiled through it. “Tantalizing. Suggestive. Sweet. Like a dream, leaving me wanting more. Like my favorite candy.”

Harry leaned in again and kissed her longer this time. He pulled back and watched Hermione smile with her eyes shut. They opened and her smile grew. “How was that?”


Harry was so happy inside himself that he could jump up and do a dance, but knowing he was horrible at that, he channelled his happiness into a squeeze on Hermione’s hand.
Together they sat now, waiting for their past selves to emerge from the Whomping Willow, hand in hand.

Remember when we first met
And everything was still a bet in love's game

We're made out of blood and rust
Looking for someone to trust without a fight
I think that you came too soon
You're the honey and the moon that lights up my night

Ever since I've been with you
You hold me up
All the time I've fallen down
Tags: harry potter, hermione granger, pg13, romance, short fic
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