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"Battleground" Chapter 1 PG13

Screen Name : motorcyclemomma
Title : Battleground
Rating : PG-13
Type : Full Length w/ chapters
Genre : Drama/Angst w/ Romance
Couple(s) Featured or Main Character(s) : Harry Potter, Hermione/Ron, Ginny, Neville, Draco/Pansy, Dumbledore, Voldemort, Dobby
Summary : For two years Lord Voldemort has being laying low and gaining power, now he’s ready to make his move on Harry and Hogwarts.

Chapter 1 : No Such Thing as a Safe Place

“The stage is set,” The Dark Lord informed his followers. Since coming face-to-face with Harry Potter and Dumbledore at the Department of Mysteries he had been laying low. Quietly his reach stretched out, spreading like a poisonous fog, as he accumulated new followers.

They looked up at him eagerly. The moment they’d been waiting for, the moment he promised them was almost at hand. Standing behind him, on either side, were to his two most trusted Death Eaters – Lucius Malfoy and Bellatrix Lestrange.

“In one month’s time we make our move. No longer shall muggles and mudbloods threaten to taint our world or bloodlines,” he said fiercely, his red eyes glowing. His reptilian appearance had improved over the last two years; his skin now had a natural color though it remained scaly. His harsh hissing voice was once again silky and smooth, pure seduction to the ear.

Raising his goblet high he offered this toast, “To the death of Harry Potter and the beginning of a new reality.” His loyal minions followed his lead toasting with him, but while they drank the deepest red wine Voldemort enjoyed the thick and tangy taste of blood.


The Next Morning

An intense pain shot through Harry’s head. The throbbing started at his jagged lightening bolt-shaped scar. It was the scar that made him famous. He was The Boy Who Lived, the baby who Lord Voldemort had been unable to kill – but that hadn’t stopped the Dark Lord from taking his parents’ lives or leaving his mark. Harry knew what the pain meant. It was a lesson hard learned. Voldemort was up to something. He could feel it through their connection. He wasn’t sure if it was a blessing or a curse that he hadn’t seen any images flash in his mind.

Harry was actually grateful to Professor Snape for teaching him the fine and difficult art of occlumency. For the most part it kept Voldemort from entering his mind and vise versa – still it hadn’t stopped the flashes of pain.

“Harry?” Hermione asked touching his arm. “You all right?”

Harry forced a smile as he looked down at her. He was taller then her by a whole foot, as was Ron, his other best friend. Still as the years went by his brainy once bucked-tooth and bushy haired hair friend had grown into a beauty. A rare beauty, Harry thought, with her mind and heart. Behind her was Ron, redheaded and freckled, playing Quidditch helped shape his body. His hands rested companionably on her shoulders. It was simple connection but a very intimate one since the two had started dating not long ago.

“Yes,” he answered.

“You’re lying,” Ron stated. His smile hadn’t faltered but concern flooded his blue eyes.

Harry shook his head. That was the problem with having best friends that knew him so well; he couldn’t hide anything from them. Not that he tried to, often that is. “My scar hurts,” he confided. There was no need to say more, both Ron and Hermione understood what that meant. “It’s nothing,” Harry insisted. “Come on,” he said jerking his shoulder, “or we’ll be late.”

They nodded mutely. There wasn’t much they could say and it wasn’t exactly as if they could help, Hermione mused linking her hand in Ron’s.


Later during lunch the Gryffindor table buzzed with conversation. Harry paid it little mind as he stirred the food around on his plate.

From beside Harry, Ginny cast her brother a worried look. Ron shook his head making it clear that they shouldn’t talk about now. Ginny frowned. Harry had been her first crush, and was, in fact, her current crush. After causally dating a slew of Gryffindors and even a Ravenclaw Ginny had finally realized why the relationships never worked out – she was still infatuated with, if not in love with, Harry Potter. The problem was that Harry had never looked at her; not really, she was and would always be she feared Ron’s baby sister in Harry’s eyes.

Sitting across the table from Ginny, Neville sighed. There was nothing he liked better then looking at Ginny Weasley. Except for talking to her. Ginny was the prettiest girl at Hogwarts in Neville estimation and ever since attending the dace with her he hadn’t been able to get her out of his mind. It hurt watching her date others, but there was little he could do about it, because she only thought of him as a friend.

“I wonder who died,” Draco laughed taking in the long faces of the Gryffindor table from across the Great Hall. Nothing gave him more pleasure then seeing Harry Potter miserable.

Crabbe and Goyle laughed at his joke. His loyal henchmen didn’t quite get the joke but then again they weren’t exactly the brightest students at Hogwarts.

“You’re so witty Draco,” Pansy cooed smiling up at him batting her eyelashes. The two had been dating on and off for years now. Draco wasn’t always kind and every time they broke-up Pansy swore she would never speak to him again. That oath never lasted long. Tall, muscular, and drop-dead gorgeous she could never get enough of Draco Malfoy, even if he had a cruel streak.

“Thanks luv,” Draco winked running his hand up her thigh. Pansy blushed at the touch. It was a struggle but Draco managed not to roll his eyes at her. Pansy was nothing but a distraction, someone to kill time with until he got what he really wanted. His blue eyes focused on Cho Chang. The willowy Ravenclaw had been his ultimate fantasy conquest since he found out that Harry wanted her. Since their disastrous attempt at a relationship in their fifth year, Potter hadn’t shown interest in another, so Draco figured Harry still wanted her. Which meant of course that he had to have her first.


“Head Master,” Severus Snape said softly.

Dumbledore looked up from his chair and into the dark eyes of one of his most trusted professors. “Yes Severus?”

“A private word please,” Severus, requested his eyes scanning the Great Hall for any mischief.

“Of course,” Dumbledore nodded. He rose from his chair regally. His long flowing white beard and aging body masked his great power. Cupping his hands he walked out of the Great Hall with Severus at his side. “I take it that you have ill news,” the Head Master stated.

Severus nodded, “I believe that I have been found out,” he informed Dumbledore. “The Dark Lord called his followers to him last night … I was not included. What was said was not shared with me.” Severus felt his stomach roll. He had continued on with the ruse of being a loyal Death Eater and that ruse had cost him. He hadn’t complained though, he never would, simply put he would do anything for Albus Dumbledore.

Dumbledore frowned, “It seems that I’ve placed you in great danger Severus. For that I am sorry.”

“You have no need to be,” Severus assured him. “We all face this danger and I would do it all again.”

“I know,” Dumbledore smiled patting Severus’ arm. “I am very grateful to you Severus. You’ve risked much for our cause,” he paused, “I fear whatever Voldemort has planned is upon us. We’re all at risk now, especially Harry.”

“Are you going to call the Aurors to Hogwarts?” Severus inquired.

“Not just yet,” Dumbledore replied. His blue eyes met Severus’ black orbs, “We cannot risk alerting Voldemort.”

“Head Master,” Severus said and then paused, how did one argue with Albus Dumbledore? “It was from Lucius Malfoy that I heard the news. He his loyal to The Dark Lord, which means he wanted us to know about the meeting.”

“Exactly,” Dumbledore said with a brilliant smile. “We will not play into Voldemort’s hands.”

“Ah,” Severus breathed out with a slight smile understanding Dumbledore. “Just let me know what you need of me and when.”

“You can count on that Severus.”


Out in the Forbidden Forest Lucius met with his master. “It’s been handled,” he informed the Dark Lord with a bow. Standing up straight again he handed Voldemort a small leather envelope.

“Well done,” Voldemort congratulated. He now had the last ingredient he needed. Within the month the potion would be ready. Noticing his right hand’s longing glance back at the castle he said, “You’ll be reunited with your son soon Lucius and your family will sit with high regard in the society I build.”

“Nothing could please me more,” Lucius replied.


Ron watched as Harry winced and rubbed his scar furiously. They still had a good twenty minutes before classes. “How about a walk Harry?” he suggested, hoping the fresh air and silence would help.

Glancing up Harry met his friend’s eyes, his own filled with gratitude. “Brilliant idea,” he said standing.

“I’ll see you in class,” Ron told Hermione kissing her cheek.

“Be sure not to be late,” she told them looking lovingly up at Ron.

“Yes Madame,” Ron saluted before joining Harry. Side by side they walked out of the Great Hall.

From the professors’ table the two were watched with great interest.

Tags: albus dumbledore, angst, draco malfoy, drama, full length, ginny weasley, harry potter, hermione granger, nevile longbottom, pansy parkinson, pg13, romance, ron weasley, voldermort
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