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"Seduced By Darkness" Chapter 1 NC-17

Screename : MsMatty35(This story was originally posted at EzBoards on 11/20/03 at 1:27 AM)
Title : Seduced By Darkness
Rated : NC-17 ***
Characters : Tom Riddle, Claudia Olmo, Bellatrix Lestrange, Lucius Malfoy, Severus Snape, Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter, Narcissa Malfoy, & Others
Theme : Dark Fic, Violence, Angst, Evil, Romance
Summary : Voldermort Gets his 25 yr old Body back, but it doesn’t turn out as he planned for Tom Riddle has his own plans. However, Tom doesn’t anticipate the complications that arise when he takes a beautiful captive into his lair.

***FanFictions Rated R, M, & NC17 May Include :
1. Graphic Sex Ccenes(Hetero or Same Sex)
2. Mature-Adult Themes(Whether that be comedic or dramatic, ect)
3. Violence(towards others or one's self)
*If You are Offended by any of this or Under 17 DO NOT Read

Chapter 1 : Rebirth

For Muggles and Wizards alike Dragor’s Castle looked like a pile of rubble and ruins. It sat atop the highest hill overlooking the edge of the sea, surrounded by sharp rocks and water on all sides but one. There was one narrow road that led upwards toward the castle, however, it looked unmanageable. Even to get to the road visitors had to first pass Lockhorn Forest, and everyone knew that only fools who didn’t value their life ventured in there. Thus the castle was almost unreachable or so it seemed.

For years Dragor’s Castle had laid deserted and bare, but now it seemed to be alive and the forest seemed to feel it; creatures that had been dormant now were awake and alert as if waiting for something. But the townsfolk only saw the ruins and although they felt an unnatural chill in the air they ignored it, as the castle looked as it always had.

In reality the castle was more like a reinforced fortress. It’s high walls washed in jet black stone, were impenetrable. Two high towers stood on the eastern and western end of the castle, small windows and balconies going up their length. A circular balcony encircled the top of each tower, where a master room likely rested. At all corners of the castle, and in strategic places around the forest and surrounding hills, guards kept watch. Ancient as well as modern charms and wards enclosed the castle in a protective cocoon. These spells effectively concealed it and all its inhabitants from prying eyes or enemies.

Within the castle walls the wealth and power of its master was evident. Nothing but the finest furnishings, artifacts and linens decorated the many rooms. Expensive, exotic foods and spirits filled the kitchens. In the Great Hall and many guest rooms, wizards and witches came and went, all bearing the Dark Mark of Lord Voldermort.

Near the middle of the castle’s east wing tower on one of it’s small balconies stood a young man, he could be no more than twenty five years old. He had a loosely tied silk robe around his otherwise naked frame. The wind was playing with his black hair and caressing his beautiful face. High cheek bones, thick eyelashes, a straight aristocratic nose and full lips framed his features. He was tall, his skin tanned, his body lean and fit. He had an intense look about him, a determined gleam in his eyes, his jaw was set and he seemed deep in thought.

A woman was watching him apprehensively from the bed in the room, it was her room. She was consumed with a carnal triumph at having him by her side. She was also relieved that her Lord’s plan had worked for she had begun to experience extreme difficulty not looking disgusted whenever he wanted her. She would never deny him, even took perverse pleasure when he fucked her. Because that’s what he did, he was never gentle, he was cruel and violent and her body ached for it, even as she recoiled from his touch. When he had come back he was no longer a man and her only saving grace was that his sexual desires had been few and far between as of late. But now, after the change, there he was looking as he always should’ve looked. Young, strong, beautiful and cruel. Instinctively she knew that once he ascended to power over all muggles and mudbloods that they would equally love and fear him.

Bellatrix frowned thinking back on the evening. She had gone to him and coerced him to come to her. She had to literally throw herself at him and even then it would not had worked had he not been so aroused already. Ever since taking his old body back his sexual appetite had tripled; it seemed insatiable as he now always had an ever present erection . Lucius would take him out and they would come back with muggle whores, Bellatrix had wanted to kill them for touching him but she didn’t dare interrupt his game. For that’s what it was, he used them, fucked them in every way imaginable and the sluts loved every second of it, how could they not? Then he killed them, sometimes with Avada Kadavra, other times he seemed to enjoy it more if he did it with his hands. He never took them to his room in the uppermost part of the West Tower, always took them in the room adjacent to hers. She wondered if he did it on purpose to torment her. One time he let her join in on his game, it had been a completely new and exhilarating experience for her.

The muggle slut, Beth had been her name, had begged for her life in the end. How Bellatrix had cackled, hissed and taunted her brought a twisted smile to her lips. She took particular pleasure in hurting her and killing her for he had only watched. He sat there with a faint smile on his lips that didn’t reach his eyes and watched her torture and kill the muggle slut. When she was done he called her to him and she had taken his hard cock into her mouth. His hands fisted in her hair and he held her painfully in place as her head moved up and down his length. As he came she felt him give a shudder but he made no sound, he had closed his eyes and that was the only indication that there had been any pleasure in it for him. At least is what she thought, she couldn’t be sure of it, as he didn’t say anything to her. When her hands had started traveling up his chest and she had gotten on tiptoe to kiss him he had backhanded her so hard that she had landed 5 feet away from him.

Then he had slowly gotten up and given her a scathing calculative look, “Do not ever attempt to kiss me or touch my face again, do you understand?” His voice was low and seductive and yet it held a dangerous tone. She had thrown herself at his feet and begged for his forgiveness, telling him that she would never do such a foolish thing again. Seemingly satisfied with her answer he had left and told her to get rid of the muggle trash.

Coming back into the present she once again looked at his back. Tonight he had let her ride him, and he had fucked her from behind. Pumping his cock into her harder and harder with each thrust, his nails had dug viciously into her back, but when he came she hadn’t cared. He had finally touched her, it had been weeks that he was in his new body and he hadn’t touched her when they had sex. After he was done he had unceremoniously shoved her away from him, wrapped the robe around himself and walked out into the cold night air.

Bitterness, humiliation, and anger swelled up inside her at this memory. How dare he act disgusted with her? After all the years she had endured of his touches and desires when he had been so repulsive to even look upon. She wanted to physically hurt him, but cold fear swept down her spine. What if he had known of her disgust and now meant to make her pay for it? She would have to thread carefully and try not to anger him for she could not bare it if he sent her away from him.

He turned slightly and eyed Bella from the corner of his eye. He mentally smirked at her name, for it meant beauty. He supposed that she had once been beautiful. From his memories he could see the first time that he had seen her, or rather his older self. Yes, she had been very beautiful, she still was but she had the haunted appearance that all those who had been in Azkaban for a long time had. It would never leave her, she didn’t have anything inside her that was beautiful and thus there was something about her that repulsed him. She gave him no pleasure now, but she was useful as his body was always looking for release and she was pathetically willing. She was also relatively smart and above all loyal to him.

His eyes scanned the calm seas. It was eerily still, it had been this way since he had set his plan into motion and succeeded. Only he knew the full truth of what had happened and it would remain that way for he didn’t trust anyone. Voldermort had brought him back. He had preserved his twenty-five year old self into a diary much as he had done when he was sixteen. He didn’t know what had possessed him to do so again but he had and was now glad for it. It wasn’t vanity that had made Voldermort want to get his younger self back. It had been Bellatrix, and her whisperings of how much more dominant he would be if the people he ruled over loved and feared him in equal measure.

Tom put his hands on the banister and his eyes sparkled over the ocean waves that slammed into the sharp rocks below. An evil smile tugged at his lips, did the bitch think him so powerless to think that he didn’t know why she had really wanted him to do it? She had been disgusted with him, even considered killing him herself. He almost laughed out loud. What an idiotic old fool he’d become. He felt this when Voldermort was making him stronger through the diary, it is why he decided that he would trap Voldermort inside the diary and retain all his memories and powers while keeping his younger mind intact. He would not make the same mistakes as his older self had. He would perfect his plan and then kill Harry Potter.

Tom turned and barely gave Bellatrix a second look and strode out of her room, ignoring her words of protest. He felt trapped in the castle as he couldn’t go out much thanks to Dumbledore, and others who knew him as he had once been. However he felt the need to test his Death Eaters and thus called Lucius Malfoy to him.

“My Lord, how may I be of Service?” Said Malfoy, bowing low to him. Tom regarded him quietly for a few moments before speaking, “I want to see the extend of the incompetence of some of my Death Eaters Lucius.” The blonde man looked up at him sharply, “How My Lord?” Tom clasped his hands behind his back and walked slowly around him. He had changed into black suede pants that hugged his muscular thighs, black leather boots and a cashmere dark purple shirt. Black robes of the finest silks billowed around him as he walked, “It is Saturday is it not?” When Lucius nodded he continued, “Then Hogwarts students will be in Hogsmead, and aren’t most seventeen year olds with above average magical powers in Dumbledore’s Order?” Without waiting for Lucius response he continued, “And of course, Harry Potter is there thus Aurors should be about, yes, I think that it will show me what they can do”

“But my Lord,” Lucius began cautiously, “What if they are captured?” Tom turned and gave him a malevolent half smile. “If they are killed or captured then I have no use for them and will be glad to be rid of them. However, they can disapparate as soon as they become injured. I will deal with those who fail and come back with us in my own way.” A chill ran down Lucius’s spine, “And where will I be My Lord?” Tom turned, “By my side, I shall go and watch, but I shall not take part in it, I merely want to observe. Make sure that Bellatrix leads the attack and have them ready to leave in thirty minutes.”

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Tags: albus dumbledore, angst, dark fic, evil, harry potter, lucius malfoy, narcissa malfoy, nc17, original characters, romance, severus snape, tom riddle, violence
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