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Welcome to MM's New Fanfic Archive

Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to Welcome Everyone to our MM Archive Community here on LJ. 

Why make this community?  Due to the EzBoard Hacker attack we realized that archiving fanfics there was not safe, also LJ's format makes it much easier to reply to fanfics and give author's much deserved feedback.

The Restricted Section & The Unicorn Section in MM will be going away, instead completed fanfics will be archived here.  Please read the Information Page for info on how to submit your completed fanfics to us, if you haven't already.  Also be patient with us as we get this place up and running.

The "Search" link in the banner is a link to LJ's tags for this community where we will sort fanfics into categories such as

  • Genre - Comedy, Drama, Romance, Angst, Dark, Poem(ect)
  • Rating - G, PG, PG13, R, M, NC17
  • Characters - Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Severus Snape, Lucius Malfoy, Original Characters(ect)

You get the point, this way you will be able to go into that search engine and easily find a fanfic to read.  Another handy search tool will be the Archives where we will save all the fanfics to the community's Memories ...

Any questions? Ask them in this thread.  See you around!


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(actually it is me, Matty, as Clau) I am just testing something
This is such a GREAT idea, no more disappearing archives!!
Thankies girl ... I think with them archived here, not only will they be safer but the reviewing of them will be easier as well ...